Take action to promote employees’ development

Encouraging internal professional development

Within REALITES, the members of each team are the subject of particular attention to their desires for professional development. As such, a development path is offered to them to facilitate their mobility within the Group and train for new professions.

Supporting employees in building their professional career

Develop their career thanks to dedicated internal tools and sponsors

Employees benefit from personalised support through an internal training path in the various businesses of the group. They can seek advice throughout their career thanks to the constant mobilisation of a team dedicated to “Human resources” within REALITES.

The desires of development and internal promotion are encouraged by the Management. All employees have the possibility of applying directly to the group’s job offers made available to them via the intranet.

Support each employee in building their career within the group

There are more than 100 roles within the REALITES group. To get to know them better, an archive of the Group’s businesses has been created and made available to all employees via the “Human resources” management tool.

 The next step, currently underway, will allow them to fully understand the existing connections between the various businesses of the group, the missions and the salary ranges offered.

277 training actions and 66 internal training courses

carried out in 2020
with 298 employee-learners

29 internal transfers

carried out in 2020, of which 62% are women

According to a survey of group employees in 2019, 75% of respondents believe that REALITES is interested in their professional development and 96.4% believe that working in this group is a springboard for their career.

Maëva Aignel, former chief accounting manager, has shown her desire to evolve after already having a successful career since her arrival in 2016 as accounting manager.

In 2021, under her leadership and of course with the support of the group, she became project director in charge of deploying an integrated management software package (ERP) for all of the group’s functions: “I took advantage of the launch of this very important transverse project to make my own desire for change a reality by taking management of it. I am proud and very grateful that I have been given such trust. I am perfectly fulfilled in my work and I feel very useful to the group by contributing to a future project of this magnitude. ”

“I am proof that it is possible to step outside of your area of ​​expertise to build your own path.”

Maëva Aignel
Project Director
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