Knowing how to welcome and integrate employees for collective success

Caring from day one

REALITES is committed to integrating its new employees in the most personalised way possible, so that they immediately feel part of a Group and that they take pleasure in working together.

An integration rich in exchanges and mutual commitments

Attract quality and diverse profiles

REALITES wishes to attract profiles who share common values ​​with the Group such as the entrepreneurial spirit. This of course involves the analysis of a CV, but also the detection of soft skills in each candidate. The Group’s success is based on this complementarity of personalities and skills.

Participate in an individualised orientation day made up of meetings

From day one, REALITES strives to make every employee feel expected and welcomed. The orientation day allows for the presentation of the group, its values ​​but also and above all its teams.

A productive day, rich in exchanges, which makes it possible to tackle a new job with envy.

The “WELCOME ON BOARD”, the privileged moment of exchange

After a few weeks at REALITES, all new employees are invited to a moment of discussion with the group’s management. With Yoann CHOIN-JOUBERT, CEO of the Group, this exchange makes it possible to tackle any desired matters.

This event, which has become essential for several years, promotes the sharing of good practices, successes and objectives to collectively meet the challenges ahead.

“I felt welcomed. Everything is done to ease you in comfortable conditions. We really find the values ​​displayed by the Group! ”

Julien, web & digital manager

“At the end of the orientation day, we know exactly where we are going, and what to expect in the coming days”.

Claire, communication project manager

Adhere to “The Employee Charter”

As soon as they join REALITES, an employee signs up to “The Employee Charter”. An approach that aims to guarantee the pleasure of working together as well as to make known the 3 factors that characterise the Group’s spirit:

  • Entrepreunarial spirit
  • Empathy
  • Transparency

This Charter responds to that of the Manager, who undertakes to guarantee the proper integration of employees, but also their continuous training. It is based on 6 fundamentals:

  • Cooperate
  • Undertake
  • Be exemplary
  • Guarantee performance
  • Listen
  • Support

Our employees are thus equipped to take up their duties and participate in the quality of our “working together”.


are proud to work for REALITES


of employees think that everything is done to make them happy and stay in the company


of employees think new people are welcomed

Welcoming despite Covid-19

In 2020, one of the major challenges for the Human Resources Department was to maintain, in a particularly unfavorable health situation, the level of quality of orientation for new employees.

176 orientations

réalisées en 2020 (vs. 155 en 2019)

including 19 student work placement and 42 trainee

maintaining commitments made to young people despite the health situation

In the coming months, REALITES will digitize part of its orientation process, in particular by creating e-learning modules, to enrich it while optimising the time devoted to it.

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