Offer employees more advantageous incentives through social dialogue

Acting beyond conventions

Whether it is to face an unprecedented crisis or to build a lasting relationship with its employees, REALITES mobilises all of the company’s stakeholders to propose the most advantageous measures possible.

Social dialogue and employee well-being in the service of performance at work

Annual survey to find out the strengths and areas for improvement

REALITES takes a proactive approach to social dialogue with its employees, in order to better take into account the evolution of their professional environment and allow a good balance between personal and professional life.

Each year, REALITES anonymously consults its employees on various subjects :

  • Life within REALITES
  • Communication
  • Human resources…

Analysis of the results makes it possible to establish an action plan for the following year to guarantee a better quality of life at work.


of employees consider the REALITES Group open to change (2019)


of employees say that the company’s values ​​correspond to the reality on the ground (2019)


of employees think that new employees are welcomed compared to 88.8% the previous year (2019 figures)

Gaining social benefits by going beyond the conventions

Since March 2021, REALITES has applied a harmonisation agreement devised and signed with elected representatives of the CSE, with employees of all sectors of the Group.

With these new agreements, REALITES is proud to introduce more advantageous measures than the Collective Agreement for Real Estate Promotion and the labour code.

At REALITES, the emphasis is in particular on taking into account the employee’s family environment, promoting the balance between personal and professional life:

● Days of leave for family events that are systematically greater than the legal provisions and mostly more favorable than collective agreements

● After one year of service, maintenance of the fixed and variable salary for maternity leave, and abolition of the waiting period for sick leave

● Implementation of additional leave linked to seniority in the company

We are very pleased and proud to have concluded these agreements with the CSE staff representatives, whom we thank for their constructive collaboration. This is part of our proactive approach to social dialogue.”

Yoann Choin-Joubert,
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