Useful by our societal performance

"Guarantee the Group's performance and the achievement of its societal objectives"

REALITES has become a company with a mission, what does that mean?

The group has amended its legal policies to incorporate its raison d’être and the following social and environmental objectives:

“Convinced that the company has a key role in the transitions of our society, our mission is to be useful everywhere, all the time for the intelligent development of territories. We are committed to shifting the lines, rethinking the collaboration between the parties in order to innovate and act boldly for the emergence of urban and economic models, serving a better quality of life for all residents.

• Maintain balanced and ethical relationships with our stakeholders, to contribute to the development of territories and services for their inhabitants

• Participate in the quality of life of our customers, residents or users by offering solutions that meet the needs and challenges of society, and by seeking to maintain a fair quality/price ratio

• Promote quality of life for employees and the development of our human resources

• Contribute to neutralising our main direct environmental impacts, firstly, by reducing them, then by compensating or resolving the residual impacts ”

These statutory objectives will be broken down into operational objectives at 3-5 years and starting from 2021, indicators will be monitored.

How was the mission defined ?

To define REALITES’ contribution to the public interest in addition to its economic purpose, the group has chosen the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Among the 17 goals, 9 SDGs have been prioritized to which REALITES already contributes or wishes to contribute more.

They have been used to define the Group’s mission and will structure future reports.

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How will the accomplishment of this mission be monitored ?

REALITES is in the process of setting up the mission committee which will be responsible for publishing an annual report attached to the management report. This committee, independent of management, will assess whether the strategy deployed during the year is in line with the mission set out in the policies.

The Group also hopes that this committee will inspire it with strategic guidelines to better achieve its mission, and become a forum for dialogue with all stakeholders.

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Composition du comité de mission

In addition to the committee’s work, an independent auditor will issue an opinion which will be attached to the management report on the consistency and execution of our objectives, at least every two years.

Finally, monitoring of operational objectives and monitoring indicators will also be available on this site from 2022.

“Useful now”, the group’s CSR approach

To achieve this mission and be “Useful, Everywhere, All the Time”, you have to start by being “Useful Now”. To do this, REALITES is now imagining the urban models that will be used in the next 50 years.

Governance of the “Useful, now” approach

In order to meet its societal ambitions, the group is in the process of structuring the governance bodies of the CSR approach.

REALITES - Utiles - Performance - schema comite de mission - L1100
REALITES – Utiles – Performance – schema comite de mission – L1100

Prioritise the Group’s CSR challenges

To define our mission and identify priority areas for action, the Group has worked on prioritising its CSR issues (materiality matrix).

It was co-built with employees, based on the mapping of all stakeholders. It was then confronted with the opinions of stakeholders through an online questionnaire, which totalled 230 responses.


REALITES - Utiles - Performance - schema enjeux rse - L1100
REALITES – Utiles – Performance – schema enjeux rse – L1100

Nos enjeux RSE

More information on the prioritisation of CSR issues

Ethical and partnership relationships with stakeholders

Maintain ethical and transparent relationships (fair practices, fight against the risk of corruption, responsible lobbying), which aim to build partnerships with a positive impact, and which promote dialogue and consultation with stakeholders.

Responsible governance

Promote the integration of CSR in all the activities and professions of REALITES, allow a balance between genders and the representation of all interests in decisions

Risk Management

Manage and anticipate risks, ensure compliance with all laws through monitoring and procedures for overseeing their application (among other things, the protection of customer and employee data).

More information on the prioritisation of CSR issues

Customer satisfaction

Guarantee the satisfaction of customers, residents and users, the quality of projects or services and a fair quality/price ratio

Useful for territories

Imagine solutions that meet the needs of inclusive and attractive territories and contribute to their economic development

Quality of life for residents

Design facilities, buildings or services that promote a quality of life for the inhabitants of the territories, residents or users (pleasant lifestyles, which return nature back to the city, healthy products or services which can even contribute to better health, or which support more sustainable lifestyles)

More information on the prioritisation of CSR issues

Attractivness of the group

Develop the attractiveness of the group and its businesses, thanks to a strong and authentic employer brand, which promotes diversity (gender balance, awareness of the risk of discrimination, integration of people with disabilities)

Employee retention and engagement

Promote the commitment of employees and the quality of life at work through an efficient organisation and support for the development of the company’s human resources (training, transport, fair salaries, recognition, etc.)

Constructive social dialogue

Promote a social dialogue in line with the Group’s values: transparent, accountable and based on listening

Health & safety of employees

Guarantee the health and safety of employees, by assessing and preventing risks (accidents, absenteeism, etc.)

More information on the prioritisation of CSR issues

Carbon footprint

Reducing and then offsetting REALITES’ direct carbon footprint (group activities, energy consumption of offices/residences or premises operated, construction materials)

Sustainable resource management

Contributing to a more sustainable management of resources for projects and premises (waste management, circular economy, alternatives to structural materials etc.)

Biodiversity & artificialisation

Preserving biodiversity on projects or in premises, and control the artificialisation of soils

Sustainable and societal innovations

Innovating and investing in R&D to contribute to a more sustainable construction, forecasting the ways to meet the challenges of tomorrow

More information on the prioritisation of CSR issues

Sustainable and societal innovations

Innovating and investing in R&D to contribute to a more sustainable construction, forecasting the ways to meet the challenges of tomorrow

Cooperative actions in the territories

Having cooperative actions and contributing to associative activity in the territories (patronage, sponsorship, contribution to networks, etc.)

Responsible purchasing policy

Developing a responsible purchasing policy (balanced relations, respect for payment deadlines, prevention of dependency risks, local purchases, CSR criteria in calls for tenders)

Aiming for the B corp label

To obtain the opinion of external experts on its approach, the Group has voluntarily initiated a process to obtain B Corp certification. This label will certify the credibility of our path towards a company with a mission and the compliance of our CSR approach with the recommendations of ISO 26000.

Performance and responsible governance

The Group regularly develops and updates its governance bodies to adapt to changes linked to its rapid growth. These bodies rely on tools that guarantee its performance.


The REALITES holding company holds the majority of the shares in its subsidiaries and performs strategic functions through its board of directors. A college of censors was created in 2020. It studies questions submitted by the board of directors or the Chairman, and each censor supports them in their area of ​​expertise.

Executive functions are carried out by the agents managing the subsidiaries.

Manage performance and quality

In a process of continuous improvement, the performance management system is deployed on the majority of subsidiaries. Mapping changes as well as structuring the  document management for all the professions, it is the creator of tools, processes and methods to guarantee quality work in each activity, support the group’s growth and its innovative positioning.

“Our philosophy is to keep women and men at the heart of the performance management system. It is managed by the Organisation and Information Systems Department, and it relies on field staff who are responsible for coordinating and monitoring their areas. Our objectives: to simplify the lives of our colleagues and to have a continuously improving approach with tools adapted to the evolution of professions”.

Nathalie Gonnard
Organisation and Information Systems Director