Opening up the Group’s capital to managers

A collective adventure based on trust

In December 2020, REALITES’ managers responded with enthusiasm to the release of capital intended for them with an exceptional investment of close to €10 million, which seems to be a first for an Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) of this size.

Developing entrepreneurial spirit, aligning interests

Managers committed to the project and confident in the future

By opening up the Group’s capital to its executives for the third time in its history, REALITES received a particularly strong demonstration of the confidence that managers have in the business plan and well known Compagnonnage values.

Of the 90 managers approached, more than half of them contributed 10 million euros of capital. Even more exceptionally powerful proof in times of a health crisis, where doubt tends to eat away at the enthusiasm of the most positive.

Objective: strengthen the alignment of interests

The success of this fundraising from a large number of managers will strengthen the Group’s equity capital and further improve its level of positive cash flow, in the period of strong growth experienced by REALITES.

Beyond that, it validates the desire to align interests between the founding shareholders and the management team. An opening up of the capital to all the Group’s employees is already being considered.

It is a mutual trust: that of the Group, that chooses to involve its managers in the capital, and that of managers who believe in the future of REALITES. I am enthralled that, beyond our growth, the pioneering spirit of entrepreneurship remains as strong in a company like ours. This adventure that we live together, through a demanding companionship, which combines the individual and the group in balance, carries us. “

Founding CEO of REALITES
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