Offering adapted accommodation to senior citizens who are losing their autonomy

Live free, longer

HEURUS offers serviced accommodation for senior citizens, the objective of which is to prevent the loss of autonomy. A response to a demographic need and a level of appeal for cities of less than 100,000 inhabitants, where its action is concentrated.

Take care of senior citizens, where they need it

Primary objective: support for the individual

In 2050, France will have 2.2 million people with a loss of autonomy, compared to 1.3 million in 2017. The unique feature of HEURUS lies in its ability to support senior citizens over time, alone or as a couple, when first signs of loss of autonomy appear and home care is no longer possible.

Within the HEURUS residences, each resident remains an actor in their life: moving around freely and organising daily life as they wish. The teams are there for daily support, depending on their level of autonomy.

Pricing is competitive and is based on a complete package of services.

Level of appeal for medium-sized cities

The HEURUS model is a concrete response to the management of the investment expenditure of local authorities linked to the sector, but also a level of appeal for so-called medium-sized cities, where the action of HEURUS is concentrated.

Beyond direct jobs – around 20 full-time jobs are created at the opening of each residence – each project fills the order books of local businesses for two years and helps maintain local commerce.


residences currently under construction


residences open in Saint-Herblain (44), Saumur, Trélazé (49) and Loudéac (22)



projects have obtained their building permit


residences open by 2024

A model of resilience in the face of Covid-19

This is a first for serviced residences for senior citizens: on February 16, 2021, HEURUS organized its own vaccination campaign for volunteer residents of its Nantes establishment, in conjunction with the Ministry of Health and Solidarity


volunteer residents vaccinated

97 %

of residents reported feeling safe in residences

92 %

of residents felt they had sufficient information

“We were just waiting for the call from the ARS to receive vaccine doses and launch this internal vaccination campaign, long awaited by our residents! Since the beginning of the health crisis, we have always been in anticipation and communication and this is what has allowed us to avoid the massive spread that some establishments have unfortunately suffered. This is a real opportunity to soon, perhaps, find a less restrictive life for our residents who are keen to continue living outside the establishment!”

Karine Bachelier
HEURUS president

By anticipating the effects of the crisis, taking initiatives, relying for a long time on the advice and services of health, medical and social services experts, the HEURUS residences have not to date suffered any deaths linked to Covid-19.

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