Committing to the most disadvantaged through the REALITES Endowment Fund

For the general interest

Freed from the challenges of profitability and efficiency, serving projects dedicated to child protection, social exclusion and precariousness, the Endowment Fund gives a new dimension to our action in the service of territories.

Supporting child welfare projects and carry out sponsorship actions

Co-building projects for children’s homes with French administrative Departments

Within the competence of the French administrative Departments, child protection is sorely lacking in financial and human resources. The REALITES Endowment Fund offers, in collaboration with child protection professionals and in response to requests from French administrative Departments, a project to create and run children’s homes dedicated to siblings.

Acting as a link between the private and public sectors, in the best interests of children in care, it is able to make itself useful to participate at its level in meeting current needs.

300 000

minors are affected in France by a protection measure, a figure that has been steadily increasing for 10 years.


of them are placed and therefore removed from their families.

Supporting the Group’s sponsorship actions

The Endowment Fund initiated its first sponsorship action in 2020 with the LAZARUS association, which runs and develops solidarity-based, shared accommodation between young workers and people who have been homeless.

This financial support of € 250,000 helps support the development of LAZARUS in France and internationally.

In October 2020, a poster campaign featuring duos composed of a REALITES employee and a LAZARUS roommate raised awareness among the general public of the importance of the fight against the exclusion of people in precarious situations.

At LAZARUS, we believe that it is more than a roof over one’s head, homeless people above all need human relationships. The support from the Endowment Fund will allow us to confidently look ahead to our future house openings planned in Nantes, Rennes and Bordeaux, and to carry out our development projects in France, Geneva and Mexico City. With this support, LAZARUS can legitimately turn its dreams into REALITIES.

General delegate of LAZARUS

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