Giving a second life to an iconic hotel in Casablanca

An historic renovation

Legendary in Casablanca at the start of the 20th century, the Lincoln Hotel is about to be reborn. The project, which preserves the architectural heritage of the building, fully contributes to the urban planning challenges of Casablanca.

Restoring heritage to build the city of tomorrow

Rise and fall of an iconic building

A flagship of neo Moorish architecture, designed by the architect Hubert Bride in 1916, the Lincoln was one of the first buildings constructed on Mohammed V Avenue. Gradually falling into disrepair and ruins, its facade earned a place in the inventory of historical monuments in Morocco. In November 2018, REALITES won the call for expressions of interest launched by the Casablanca Urban Agency for the acquisition, redevelopment, renovation and operation of the hotel.

A project in keeping with the Lincoln heritage

For this project, REALITES joined forces with the architect Tarik OUALALOU, co-founder of the architectural firm O + C, who is very involved in safeguarding the heritage of Casablanca. The restructuring preserves the architectural style desired by the original creator of the Lincoln, through the renovation of the left wing and reconstruction of the right wing.

With a floor area of ​​13,500 m², the planned scheme includes a luxury 5* hotel, seminar spaces, a rooftop offering a fitness club, a spa, a restaurant and a swimming pool.

An urban planning issue for the future of Casablanca

Far beyond the renovation of a building, the restoration of the Lincoln embodies the essence of an entire historical district, of exceptional architectural richness.

The future Lincoln Hotel will thus act as a role model in the undertaking of the vast plan to safeguard and enhance the heritage, carried out by government and local authorities.

There are two main issues in this project. The first is to safeguard this icon of Casablanca, that is the Lincoln. The second is that of the nature of the intervention, which will serve as a model in a city center undergoing restructuring. If the life of this building is to be prolonged, its history cannot be erased by pretending that it is a new and timeless operation. LINCOLN will thus be a subtle and modern echo of the rich architectural history of downtown Casablanca

Founder of architectrural firm O + C (OUALALOU + CHOI), projet architect
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