Creating a branch of excellence in high-performance women’s sports

Committed to women’s sport

Main shareholder of Nantes Atlantique Handball (NAHB), a benchmark for the French and European elite, REALITES intends to support the development of the professionalisation of women’s sport and to participate in Nantes’ ambition in encouraging young girls and women.

Professionnaliser le club pour en faire une référence du sport féminin de haut niveau

Boost NAHB

Already a partner of the club since 2015, REALITES became its new main shareholder in January 2021, with one objective: to model its structure and therefore its economic viability.

In the delicate context of sport in general and women’s sport in particular, REALITES wants to provide the club with its financial, commercial and partnership know-how at the service of a major sports project: the first team and its training center, showcasing the club at associative and amateur levels, the soul of the NAHB.

Create courses of excellence

Popular sport, highlighted by the successive performances of its national teams, handball is a formidable hoist for the integration and achievement of women and girls.

The ambition of REALITES is to offer young girls in the region courses of excellence to make their dreams come true. It is in this spirit that the NAHB will be a source of pride for the entire Nantes metropolis.

It is a real chance for the club that the REALITES group is joining us, it allows the club to become even more professional and to structure itself. The club is seeking to develop, and the support of REALITES will allow the pursuit of excellence.

Professional NAHB player
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