Listening to customers to serve them better

Being able to innovate by listening to its customers

REALITES constantly puts itself in its customers’ shoes by listening to their needs and desires. The ambition: to offer them solutions that are more suited to their needs and lifestyles. Customer satisfaction has therefore naturally become the main leitmotif for all of the group’s employees.

Starting from customer needs to enrich its offer and improve its services

Listening and interacting with customers: the key to being efficient

REALITES is increasing contact with its customers to get to know them better and understand their needs. The only way to live up to their expectations and to evolve our services. As such, the recent creation of the MyREALITES application reflects the Group’s strength in offering everyone the best possible “customer experience”.

Customer satisfaction: a priority for REALITES

REALITES uses an application inspired by the principle of Tripadvisor. Its purpose is to carry out surveys in a flash, to collect customer feedback on the progress of important stages of their project such as the signing of the reservation contract, the choice of materials or the final delivery. Listening to the customer’s voice is essential to improve continuously.

Employees mobilised from the start of the project to its completion

The handing over of the keys is an important moment for our customers as well as for us. REALITES is proud to celebrate this achievement where everything is done to make the customer feel welcomed at their level of investment. Thus, a team goes there to make this great day a milestone for all.

Customer satisfaction is a key indicator for assessing the effectiveness of services. An independent firm interviews REALITES clients every year to help the group progress. The latest results strongly encourage REALITES’ employees to continue on the path they have embarked:

  • The customer satisfaction index (residents or investors in conventional residences) increased by 16% in 2020
  • Among customers ready to recommend REALITES to their loved ones, the index that allows them to evaluate it increased by 4% in 2020
  • The customer satisfaction index for individual investors in managed residences is up by 40% and the recommendation index by 13%

“The first really positive point, the real plus that I felt, was the support and listening. At all stages of the project, as soon as I needed information, I was heard and received feedback. I had someone in front of me who heard my request and responded promptly. This is the main point of satisfaction. I am fully satisfied with the building and the accommodation”.

Mrs. L
Customer of LES BELLES LETTRES, in Nantes (44)

“At REALITES, the customer experience is everyone’s business. Everyone is aware of the impact of their involvement in customer satisfaction starting from the design of homes up to the end. The payment of profit-sharing to our employees depends in part on this criterion.  Since 2020, students from the Audencia Chair have been working with us to optimise the customer experience. The input from this new generation pushes us to go even further in everything we want to offer our customers”.

Nadia Baïga
Customer relations manager
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