Transforming an industrial wasteland into a low carbon footprint urban project

Redeveloping and enhancing what already exists

The Group’s major urban projects department is reinventing the QUELLE industrial workshops in Saran (45). An ambitious project that limits urban sprawl, preserves biodiversity and restores nature to its full place in the City.

Improving the existing to preserve the environment

Convert the existing as much as possible to limit CO2 emissions

By choosing to renovate the old QUELLE building with an area of ​​50,000 m², REALITES decided to prevent urban sprawl and prevent the artificialisation of new land. By avoiding demolition, no less than 7,800 truck journeys are thus saved, a saving of 6,200 tonnes of CO2.

Focus on renewable energies and bio-based materials

While REALITES is committed to maintaining the spirit of an industrial workshop in the heart of the future district, the Group wishes to create a new place for sustainable living and respectful of the environment. Between the use of bio-sourced materials, the installation of photovoltaic panels and the study of geothermal potential, limiting carbon emissions is at the heart of the debate 

Converting tree heritage into public parks and gardens

Always driven by its desire to create a low-carbon site, REALITES ensures the maintenance of the existing groves and transforms wooded areas into two parks and public gardens. An enhancement of the vegetation that makes this place of life as qualitative as it is attractive.

50 000 m²


6 200 tons

of CO2 avoided

Responding to new uses

Promoting green transport

REALITES is implementing an innovative and new transport policy across the site:

  • By limiting underground and surface parking spaces within a single existing location (concentrating all of the parking in the ocean liner building)
  • Soft mobility is favoured with the creation of new facilities such as pedestrian routes

Responding to a mix of uses and audiences for sustainable economic development

With an exemplary environmental ambition, the redevelopment of the Orléans area and its surrounds, emerges into a hybrid district conducive to sharing and learning.

This space offers a real mix of uses for an intergenerational public:

  • housing for families and young workers
  • a serviced residence for senior citizens
  • a medical and paramedic center
  • offices and business premises
  • local shops

Right away, it was a project that caught my eye. We are on a project that seems ambitious to me!

Maryvonne Hautin
Mayor of Saran
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