Offsetting CO2 emissions that cannot be reduced

Entrepreneurship for the environment

To complete the carbon reduction efforts already undertaken by the Group and achieve neutrality as soon as possible, REALITES invests without delay in entrepreneurial projects that generate carbon sequestration.

Financing projects labeled “low carbon”

Investing in the planting of 2,000 hectares of almond orchards in France

To participate in offsetting its unavoidable CO2 emissions, REALITES relies on entrepreneurial logic, by investing in projects that contribute to carbon absorption. The Group’s choice therefore, was ‘La Compagnie des Amandes’, a new model of private investment in orchards that relocates the cultivation of almond trees and organises a competitive French almond sector.

Relaunching almond production in the agricultural sector by helping French farmers

‘La Compagnie des Amandes’ provides financial and technical support offering growers the assurance of income security, for 5 years from the first year of planting until the orchards are profitable. Indeed, before the trees finally produce their first harvests, making up for the lack of income for farmers is essential to ensure the future of this sector. ‘La Compagnie des Amandes’ business model also implies a guarantee for all parts of the purchase of almonds at a fair price.

Growing almond trees: an approach certified “High Environmental Value”

In France, almond orchards do not use any herbicides, irrigation is controlled and multi-species hedges are planted all around to protect pollinators. Certified “High Environmental Value”, almond cultivation offers, combined with soil biomass, a carbon capture capacity much greater than that of other sectors. For REALITES, it is the assurance of benefiting from certified carbon credits.

La Compagnie des Amandes’ provides me with all the financial and technical assistance. This important support will allow me to generate an income during the first years when there will be no harvest. It’s a great adventure, a challenge of which I am proud”.

Vincent Fabre
Farmer – arboricultrist in Pernes-Les-Fontaines (Vaucluse)

Offsetting the group’s carbon emissions with ‘La Compagnie des Amandes’

By supporting ‘La Compagnie des Amandes’, REALITES is committed to relaunching the cultivation of almond trees in the south of France and Corsica. A strong first act to offset its environmental footprint through investment in sustainable agricultural sectors.

2 M€

invested by REALITES in this project

1 560 ha

of almond trees planted by 2023

‘La Compagnie des Amandes’ is the first step in France for advancing this sector through investments in business projects, which will probably take REALITES internationally in the coming years. The company will thus benefit from certification of carbon credits which will allow it to offset the unavoidable environmental impact of its main activities. 

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